Consistent with our commitment to bringing to safety, respect and value to everything we do, Blackcomb Helicopters is committed to providing environmentally responsible aviation and maintenance services. We balance sound environmental, social and economic principles and practices and continually seek ways to improve on our performance.

Environmentally responsible aviation

We work to ensure that all our employees, suppliers, contractors, customers and the community to follow best practices to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Together, we work to bring sound environmental management practices to all our work environments.

These include:

  • Recycling, waste reduction, reduced paper consumption, and the proper and safe disposal of all hazardous materials.
  • Promoting individual and team leadership in responsible environmental management and practices.
  • Raising awareness in environmental management among our people through ongoing education and innovation.
  • Ensuring our environmental plans are responsive to local conditions, environmental realities, and social values.
  • In the event that an employee or contractor is found to be acting contrary to policies, a stop-work order is issued immediately and, where applicable, appropriate authorities are notified.
  • In the event an environmental emergency, we provide ongoing assistance to all appropriate agencies to ensure effective mitigation and remediation activities.
  • We conduct regular environmental audits of company practices and operations to ensure high performance of our environmental management practices.

Responsible environmental management

We put these principles and best practices to work every day with initiatives such as:

  • "Next generation" fuelling systems at all our bases, featuring are double-walled tanks with 150% spill containment;
  • Ensuring each fuelling system has a spill kit located within close proximity;
  • Ensuring all Blackcomb Helicopters employees receive annual training in environmental stewardship, not only in fuelling procedures, but also in how to reduce Blackcomb‚Äôs environmental footprint;
  • Regularly briefing all our pilots on how to minimize environmental damage in the busy environment through improved flight skills and by selecting logical, non-damaging landing locations;
  • Ensuring all our flight operations personnel are certified for safe dangerous goods handling

Blackcomb Helicopters is keenly aware of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and actively demonstrates environmental leadership in the aviation sector by pursuing advances in technology, innovation and better regulation.